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Who We Are

We are a group of enthusiasts from the picturesque Baltic countryside, surrounded by beautiful, ancient, and pristine forests. As professional mushroom pickers, we draw inspiration from nature, science, ancient traditions, and remedies, reviving forgotten practices.

What We Do

Gathering and preparing Amanita Muscaria (Fly Agaric) mushrooms requires extensive knowledge and experience. As skilled mushroom experts, we deliver the finest quality dried Amanita Muscaria available on the market. Amanita Muscaria boasts a rich history, spanning from ancient pagan, shaman, and Viking times to herbalists, traditional medicine, scientific research, and the manufacturing of natural health supplements.

Honoring Ancestral Traditions

Continuing the old traditions of our ancestors, we offer premium dried Amanita Muscaria mushrooms, carefully collected from the pristine forests of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Rich History and Versatile Use

Amanita muscaria have been integral to ancient medicine, magical concoctions, shamanic rituals, and other mystical practices. Today, our customers use these versatile mushrooms to create a variety of products, including creams, compresses, elixirs, tinctures, health-promoting remedies, art.

Expertise and Precision

Our expertise comes from years of studying extensive literature and conducting numerous experiments to perfect our production processes. Our precise drying techniques ensure the mushrooms retain all of their potential properties.

Optimal Drying Methods

Using a specialized drying method, we preserve the mushrooms' best physical and chemical properties. After careful sorting and cleaning, the mushrooms are placed in professional stainless steel dehydrators for 2-3 days, where they are dried with heated airflow at around 40-45 degrees Celsius. When the drying is completed, mushrooms are cracker-dry and crunchy, and then we grind them into powder.

Laboratory Analysis

Quality is our top priority. Each harvest undergoes testing in a USA laboratory, where a comprehensive certificate of analysis is issued. This ensures that our Amanita Muscaria meets the highest standards of potency, giving our customers confidence in the quality and consistency of our products.

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Packaging and Storage

We package our dried mushrooms in dark, airtight, sealed bags of 30 grams, ensuring they remain their properties for the longest shelf-life. With the right storage conditions, amanita powder maintains most of it's qualities for over two years.